Meeting the needs of the industry
We are a company established because of the demands of the mining,engineering and telecom sectors. There is a high demand placed on hydraulic systems that have developed over time, we thus have developed and adapted our profile and products to new developments. We specialize in the following equipment: power units,generators,hydraulic pumps,cylinders,solar geysers,neutralisting pumps & motor pumps for all cylinders,power neutralisers and solar panels.

Our most adaptable pumps
Peristaltic pumps DULCOs*flex are amongst the most adaptable pumps from ProMinent. They are suitable for an enormously wide pump capacity range. The smaller DF2 to DF4 types of pumps have been specially designed for metering work in swimming pools, hot tubs or spa and wellness zones. sThe large peristaltic pumps DFA to DFD are ideal for specific tasks, as well as for extremely high pump capacities and pressures in laboratories and in industry. All models follow a simple operating principle and are extremely safe and easy to use.

Capacity range of single pump: 0.19 – 60 l/h, 10 – 1.5 bar
Operate cylinders with a motor pump to generate even more performance. By switching later from low to high pressure at 19 MPa (170 bar), they reach higher working speeds than typical motor pumps in lower load ranges.

High-pressure flow rate stays constant up to maximum pressure Equipped with the special TRUCHEN radial piston pump with patented suction valves for maximum efficiency. Compact design and low weight for easy transport.

Description of models:
PO 10 4E for one single-acting cylinder:-Drain valve for precise speed control when lifting or lowering. Load is being held when drain valve is closed and motor is turned off.
sPO 10 6E for two single-acting cylinders:-Precise speed control of both cylinders when lifting or lowering by throttling the control valve. Seperate closing of both oil flows possible. Holding of loads with motor running or turned-off when control valves are closed.
PO 10 2D for one single-acting or double-acting cylinder:-Lifting and lowering of loads by switchover valve. Holding of loads with switchover valve in centre position. Retraction of a double-acting cylinder is only permitted while the motor is running.

Hydraulic Equipment, Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Design, Hydraulic Maintenance, Hydraulic Repairs and Hydraulic Installation
Turnkey Hydraulics is a leading supplier, designer and installer of hydraulic equipment in South Africa. We supply our services to a comprehensive array of clients, including the mining industry of South Africa. Since our inception in 1984 we have developed a name for service and product excellence. With over 3 decades in the hydraulics industry, Turnkey Hydraulics has developed a renowned reputation due to our streamlined and highly efficient services. From advanced hydraulic power pack products to complex hydraulic solutions, we have the hydraulic systems you require.

Our hydraulics services are highly specialised and uniquely all-inclusive. The Turnkey Hydraulics team have years of experience in the industry and with the teams combined expertise, our clients are sure to receive the best end-results. Not only do we offer hydraulic solutions including hydraulic installation, hydraulic repairs and hydraulic designs, we also provide a unique solution that sets us apart from our competitors. We offer an exceptional after sales service and our committed and highly experienced Turnkey Hydraulics team will assist with any queries that may arise.

This hands on service guarantees that our clients product requirements will be met effectively and we look forward to exceeding client expectation. Superior products and professional service is key to our decades of unyielding and ever flourishing success. We have our pulse on the finger of the hydraulics industry and as technology in the industry evolves, so too will Turnkey Hydraulics. We will always be one step ahead in the industry, guaranteeing only the most superior and streamlined of services.

Over the years, having developed a name for excellence in the industry, we have acquired premier agencies that have allowed for us to offer comprehensive and professional in-house solutions. We have consistent interaction and communication with these overseas principals and this ensures that we are up to date with current trends in the hydraulics industry. All technological developments will be applied to our designs to ensure our clients receive only the highest standard of service.

The Turnkey Hydraulics Philosophy
We opened our doors 30 years ago with the intention of offering the most premier hydraulic services in South Africa. Our goal was to create long lasting and trusted relationships with all of our clients. Our founding philosophy is still in place and due to our unyielding commitment to service excellence and client satisfaction we continue to grow sas a leading hydraulics specialist in South Africa. We pay close attention to detail in every aspect of our business and offer a hands on solution from beginning to end. From the design phase through to the commissioning phase, we invest great care in every aspect of our projects ensuring the best possible end-result. Turnkey Hydraulics will continue to grow and evolve and will continuously offer high levels of service and unbeatable after sales support.

Diaphragm Metering Pump
Capacity range of single pump: 0.19 – 60 l/h, 10 – 1.5 bar
The diaphragm metering pump Extronic® is perfectly suited for the sensitive use of liquid media in facilities with an explosive gas atmosphere as well as for mines at risk of firedamp, as it is approved in compliance with the EC EX Regulation 94/9/EC (ATEX).

Precise metering with explosion protection
The ATEX-compliant diaphragm metering pump Extronic┬« (EXBb) is tested and approved in line with the harmonised EC provisions of EN 50014/50018 for “compression-resistant enclosures” and thus offers the maximum level of protection. The short-stroke solenoid and the complete pump control are integrated in the pump housing so that, together with the explosion-proof power end, there is IP 65 protection against contact and humidity as per DIN 40050 even when the front cover is open.

Optimum adaptation for use in areas at risk from explosion
ATEX-compliant in line with EExd IIC T6 and EExd I/IIC T6 Excellent operating and functional reliability by a microprocessor controller, which compensates for fluctuations of mains voltage and automatically switches from 50 to 60 Hz operation Broad range of applications with an operating voltage of 500 V, 230 V and 115 V Ease of integration into processes thanks to the range of control types (internal, external contact, analogue) Also suitable for gaseous media, thanks to self-bleeding head

we have variety of PERISTALIC PUMPS which suits all your need and desire


we have variety of DIAPHRAGM METERING PUMP which suits all your need and desire

we have variety of HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT which suits all your need and desire

we have variety of SOLAR GEYSERS AND PANELS which suits all your need and desire